And God Created...the Cyberworld

My 5 year old son, Aaron Job, just may be a future preacher. The photo at right shows him waving a homemade cross at passing traffic. Recently he was standing on a stump in our yard. I told him that's what preachers used to do back in the "olden days". I said that a preacher would get up on a stump and preach the gospel. And being the good dad that I am, I encouraged him to "get up there and preach to us!"
I didn't quite catch everything he said, except for the last line...

Aaron Job: "God created all the houses. He put them anywhere He wanted to."(I was encouraged by his confirmation of God's sovereignty!)"And He created man...He called them...Female...and...Emale!"

Back to Genesis we go!


Jonathan said...

HA HA! That's hilarious.

Kenny said...


Maybe Female and Email?