And God Created...the Cyberworld

My 5 year old son, Aaron Job, just may be a future preacher. The photo at right shows him waving a homemade cross at passing traffic. Recently he was standing on a stump in our yard. I told him that's what preachers used to do back in the "olden days". I said that a preacher would get up on a stump and preach the gospel. And being the good dad that I am, I encouraged him to "get up there and preach to us!"
I didn't quite catch everything he said, except for the last line...

Aaron Job: "God created all the houses. He put them anywhere He wanted to."(I was encouraged by his confirmation of God's sovereignty!)"And He created man...He called them...Female...and...Emale!"

Back to Genesis we go!

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Kenny said...


Maybe Female and Email?