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One of my favorite designs, inspired by my love for Fisher Price Little People & playsets. 
Eventually I'll go back and change the font by filling it in solid.

A men's leadership training ministry at our church.  "Dokimos" means "tested, proven." 
The top of the "m" makes a simple image of an open Bible.

 2 sided flyer for an inner city outreach event.

A quick t-shirt design for a missions trip to Goa, India (which was cancelled at the last minute due to terroristic threats in the area).  There's no concept behind the design, other than the inspiration from some 50's & 60's retro kitchen patterns.

My first attempt at a desktop calendar, given away at  If you'd like one to download without the calendar (since it's no longer 2/11), I have other sizes here.

Download one for yourself with or without the calendar here.

June's desktop calendar. Get yours here.
 July's desktop calendar, "And Can it Be"
Download yours at