He Did It Again!

I don't know what to say this time.
Perhaps you should prepare yourself for the following photos. I'll be willing to bet that your mouth will literally drop open when you see them.
First, imagine taking some electric hair clippers, placing them atop your forehead, and running them up the middle of your head...like a John Deer cuttin' through knee high grass...

Now, scroll down a bit...

Amazing, huh?!

What was he thinking? How did he get so close to his scalp? Why didn't he just ask his mommy for a haircut? Does the phrase "just a little off the top" not mean anything to the child?

So, once again, I just had to ask him..."Son, WHY did you do that?". His honest response: "I wanted to look handsome."

So how do you fix something like that?! Here's Anita's solution:

Notice that you can still see the spot up front where Aaron Job cut...it's so short that Anita couldn't get the clippers that close! (BTW, all this happened an hour before church Wednesday night):

His sister, not quite three years old, just kind of stared at his head for a moment when she first saw Anita's buzz work. Then she looked at me and Anita and just pointed at his head. Then she started laughing...

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Aaron Job what happened to your hair?! Ha! Ha! Ha! Aaron Job your hair all fell off! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

She was as funny as the haircut...so I didn't correct her.

Just in case you didn't know, this isn't his first self inflicted haircut. Click here for more!


Hong and Tami Kim said...

LOL!!!! That's funny!!! What a cute kid --- maybe it's his "art".

Hong and Tami Kim said...

OH...sorry - didn't mean to say that he's cute because of his art...he's just a downright CUTE kid. I meant, maybe his hair cutting is his creative artistic expression (been living in Berkeley aka: Be-zerk-ley THREE months too long. :-)