"iamchief" linked among GIANTS

This image has not been edited or altered in anyway (except for cropping and the addition of the red and yellow arrows). So, watch my site meter closely, the digits will be changing faster than the McDonald's sign when Lance Quinn's family orders Big Macs!

Well, maybe I've got high hopes, but I was recently honored to be linked on a
new friend's blog. Chad Bresson, aka "Breuss Wane", is the news director for The PATH, the radio ministry of Cedarville University. We "met" in the blogosphere through a mutual friend (my boss), Bob Lepine.

Of course I'm always thrilled to be linked on another blog, but to be linked among "Friends" like Steve Camp, James White, and...I still can't believe it...Phil Johnson of the Pyromaniacs! Now, I know what you're thinking. "Oh, I guess he thinks he too good for us middle class bloggers!" Not so, not so.

I'll still accept your comments. I might even continue to leave comments on your blog. It won't change who I am on the inside, honest. It just elevates my status as a blogger.

You know, it's all about climbing to the top and using anyone in the way as a rung on the blog ladder. Wow, did I just say that? Just kidding Breuss Wane...just trying to get a few laughs. BTW, why the unusual spelling of "Breuss Wane"? Any significance? (see, this is a trick...a dangling bait to get him to leave a comment on my site - to further prove the authenticity of the screenshot above)

Anyhoo...thanks for the link Chad, and for giving me an ego boost!

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tnfpb said...

Wow… I noticed you added a new name to your blogroll---funny after reading your latest post and seeing you new addition I couldn’t get this song out of my mind…

On a sincere note, I enjoy your blog as much as any of the others listed!!! I know you--that makes a huge difference!!

Aaron said...

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane...I watched Weezy & George everyday.
My kids enjoyed dancing to the song.