It's the "Rudy" of High School Basketball

Here's a great story featured recently on CBS News of an mildly autistic boy who was the manager/trainer of his high school basketball team. He got his moment in the spotlight when the coach let him suit up on their last season game.

Of course the team was up by double digits, but it's still quite honorable of the coach to let him play - and from watching the video, he should've had him playing more often!

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Just visited your site and saw this post. I recently saw the video online about the story, you can see it here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-818944862742874918&q=cbs+basketball

I know I havnt been around much...but its not because I don't like you! Covenant has an even every Wed. night also! I am planning on joining there shortly. Hope you are doing well!

Jack Somers