Since the early 70's, I've never been able to count to 12 the same
thanks to this classic Sesame Street video. Enjoy!

and who can forget this one:

"They played jumprope but the rope, it broke;

so they just sat around telling knock-knock jokes

Ladybugs twelve, at the Ladybug picnic."


jigawatt said...

The big foot that comes down all of a sudden looks a lot like the one in Monty Python (which also comes down all of a sudden) - check out the comparison. The Python reference goes along with the immediate context of the video which is Arthurian.

"The Ladybug's Picnic" was the work of Bud Luckey, who has been involved with some of the more recent Pixar/Disney movies.

Kenny said...

Me neither!!! I always sing that song!