Uh, yeah...that's what happened...

A buddy found this article in the NY Times about the discovery of "The Gospel of Judas".

In speaking about this and other similar discoveries, the article says,

"As the findings have trickled down to churches and universities, they have produced a new generation of Christians who now regard the Bible not as the literal word of God, but as a product of historical and political forces that determined which texts should be included in the canon, and which edited out.

For that reason, the discoveries have proved deeply
troubling for many believers
."(emphasis mine)

Um... not for this believer.

So I guess God, in His providence, has allowed us to go without the complete canon for almost 2000 years now? C'mon!

It's just like this craziness that the Batman comments about over in his world about Jesus walking on ice instead of water! Bruess boy, with a sarcasm that I truly appreciate, says, "It would be interesting to see if Nof can explain how the boat holding the disciples traversed the ice as well."

By the way, cool picture of Jesus on the water, Bruess! Now, the photographer...he HAD to be standing on ice! :o)


tnfpb said...

As Mr. White so appropriately said, ""The Gospel of Judas Contradicts Christian Belief!" "Judas was Doing Jesus' Will!" "Christianity Shaken!" Blah, blah, blah. When you get your historical and theological information from Katie Couric on the Today Show, well, you'll buy anything... "Nothing New Under the Sun".

A friend of mine asked me about this Friday evening and was totally taken in by it... "Have you seen, they found the lost book of Judas? Did you see there was a preacher on the news confirming everything?" I emailed them Al Mohler's commentary and James White's this morning...

Aaron said...

I guess teh next thing they'll dig up will be God's car keys He lost 6 tetrillion years ago...(tic)