A Passionate Prayer

This is a uniquely written book that I providentially came across in a discount bookstore being sold for only $2.00. Needless to say, it was the best two bucks I've spent in a long time! I even bought more copies and gave them to friends.
In the book, Ray Ortlund, Jr., from his Greek language skills, beautifully paraphrases the book of Romans (one of my favorite books in the Bible). He then divides the translation into segments (kind of like a devotional reading) and adds his own personal prayer after each segment. Then, he ends the sections with incredible quotes from a wide spectrum of what I call "spiritual giants" from our church history. These rich quotes are where I received much of my initial exposure to such great theologians and their reformed faith.

After quoting Paul's desires for the Romans in verses 11-15 of chapter one, Ray Ortlund penned the following prayer. I have yet to earnestly and honestly make it my own.

O Lord, how trivial are my aspirations and desires.
I pursue the amusements and toys
and carnality of the modern world,
while the higher longings of my soul weaken from neglect.
What do I need to remove from my life,
in order to throw myself without reserve or impediment
into the great cause of the Gospel?
This is my brief moment in history.
I do not have forever.
Now is my time to speak to my generation.
Purify my heart, Lord. Energize my desires. Open my eyes.
Compel me with my personal responsibility
to serve the interests of the Gospel in the world today.
O Lord, let me spend my life for you,
disregarding all risks, accepting all consequences.
Let the power of the Gospel so grip me that I act upon it,
come what may.
Let me recover the power to live and to die for my faith.
In the holy Name of Christ.

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