Chief Meets Centuri0n

Do you know what is significant about this book store? (Gary, you cannot answer!)

Give up? (That's my son, by the way, leaving the store. I caught him with a Veggie Tales DVD under his shirt.)

Here's another hint...this book store is owned by this guy (the guy on the left):

Still don't know? Alright. Kingdom Bound Christian Booksellers is owned by... Frank Turk, aka "Centuri0n".

What? Still nothing? Meaningless? Well, go here for a second, then come back.

Ok, that was Frank Turk- Centuri0n - the same Frank Turk that is a featured blogger at Pyromaniacs. I got to meet him.

Now, this wasn't quite the monumental event that took place almost a year go when Centuri0n met the Pyro. No, not that special. But special none the less - at least from my point of view.

So what afforded me the honor of meeting one of the very own Pyromaniacs? Well, several months ago, as I was planning my 6 year old son's second annual birthday trip to Siloam Springs to watch the Drum & Bugle Corps competition, I found out that Cent's (that's what all his friends call him) store was right there in Siloam Springs, so I dropped him an email & told him I'd like to stop by his business, peruse the books, and meet one of the Pyros. Check it out - he not only obliged, but immediately emailed me his phone number so I could call him when I arrived! The morning of our trip, I sent Cent another email reminding him of my intended visit...and he calls me, on the phone, to let me know when he would be in the store! I'm impressed already.

Frank was a pleasure to meet. My son really enjoyed it too - as soon as he shook Frank's hand, he made a B-line for the lego table in the back of the store.

The store was - much to my suprise - similar to any other Christian bookstore, although he didn't peddle NEAR AS MUCH "Jesus Junk" that you see everywhere else.

Frank explained to me the unavoidable dilemma of being reformed and owning a bookstore in a town that is ... well ... full of lots of non-reformed people. He has his convictions and refuses to sell anything that denies any of the fundamental doctrines that we hold so dear, and even teaches his part time help how to deal winsomely with those wanting cult literature. But, we all gotta admit, a bookstore full of Puritanical writings and the Five Points just wouldn't keep it's doors open very long. So, even though there were books that I wouldn't buy or read on his shelves, they were surrounded by other books from Piper and MacArthur and Sproul and others. I'm grateful for his ministry there in Siloam Springs. Makes me wanna open my own store. Oh, and I purchased this book on sale for $4.99!!

I took Frank a personally autographed copy of Lepine's book, The Christian Husband. Boy - talk about a risk - what book do you give to a guy who owns an entire bookstore, for crying out loud? Turns out, he doesn't have a copy! Sweet. He does now. He was grateful for the book. I heard his wife was even more so. :o)

So it was a nice trip, meeting Centuri0n & all. The DCI competition was great as well. I can't post pics of any of the corps, it's against their rules. I guess I could post this pic of my son listening to one of the drum lines practicing. But now Blogger is bugging out on me and won't let me post another picture! Arrrgh!

Thanks, Frank, for the opportunity to meet you. Keep up the work - in NW Arkansas and in the blog-o-sphere.

Now, if he would only visit my blog...

And, I was just kidding about my son lifting that DVD.


tnfpb said...

It looks like you have the name of his blog spelled wrong over in your sidebar----->

spelled with a capital O instead of a 0?

Aaron said...

picky, picky.