Church Discipline—"Do we have to?"

Several months ago, I received the following email from Jim Eliff and CCW ministries , I've copied and pasted it exactly as is below, providing some helpful (and much needed) resources on the subject of Biblical Church Discipline.

UPDATE: I've fixed the hyperlinks. Thanks, Gary, for the heads-up!

Church Discipline—"Do we have to?"

Recently, Mark Dever from Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., and Art Wilder, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Marietta, Ga., spoke to a packed audience for a breakout session at the Southern Baptist Pastor's Conference on this very subject. We have given you a link to purchase this CD from the SBC, as well as some other resources from CCW that will help you think through the Church Discipline issue.

Click on the following:

~Dr. Mark Dever's presentation on church discipline at the SBC. Go to the first page of the site and click on the .pdf link for the Pastor's Conference (www.sbctapes.com).

~Hear or download (mp3) Jim Elliff's audio message on 1 Corinthians 5 called "What Do You Do with Immorality?"

~Click here for the article, "The Integrity of the Local Church".

~Bulletin insert, "What Do You Do with Immorality?"

~"Restoring Those Who Fall," a church discipline statement for use in the local church.

~Our Church on Solid Ground, our book that contains the above discipline document along with other documents for the preservation and unity of the local church. (It is useful to also have a "Membership Agreement" along with a church discipline statement, for instance.)

~"A Church Membership Recovery Model" by Doug Richey. This deals with the disciplinable issue of AWOL church members.

~"Southern Baptists, An Unregenerate Denomination," a hard-hitting but loving evaluation with practical helps for moving churches to either recover or discipline those will not attend or have become rebellious.

~"Removal of an Elder," guidelines for one of the most difficult church discipline situations.

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