Jonathan Edward's Blank Bible

I was recently introduced to a new blog from the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University. Currently being featured is the release of Edward's "Blank Bible" on September 5th. "What's a Blank Bible?", you ask (so did I!). I'll let them tell you. Quoting from their email announcement:

Jonathan Edwards' interleaved bible, known commonly as the "Blank Bible" is one of the treasures of Yale's Edwards collections which is seeing general public release for the very first time this year. On the blank pages sewn between each page of this leather-bound King James Version, Edwards wrote over 6000 entries in which he commented on individual scripture. His exegetical thoughts range widely, covering historical, theological, systematic, and occasional topics; some of the entries relate to other important Edwards texts while others are unique, standalone thoughts on particular passages.

Watch the video below for a further introduction:

Blank Bible

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Cool.....liked the video.

Jack Somers