Q: What Do Don Whitney, Walt Kaiser, Phil Johnson and Bruce Ware All Have In Common?

A: They will all be speaking at the Bible Church of Little Rock sometime in the next 6 months!

If you're going to be in the central Arkansas area during any of the dates below, be sure to take advantage of the ministries of these choice servants of the Lord who will be at the Bible Church of Little Rock. Below are dates and speakers...I'll post the time & schedule details as they're made available closer to the event date. You might consider subscribing to iamchief so you'll automatically get any updates to these events, or just keep checking back here or at the BCLR webpage. Hope to see you there!

Don & Caffy Whitney will be our guest speakers at the annual BCLR Men & Women's Fall Conference. You can listen to some of Don's sermons here.

Click HERE for free conference audio (search for "Whitney").

Walt Kaiser will be giving an all-day workshop on the subject of Old Testament Ethics. Listen to some of his sermons here. For more info and to register, click here.

Phil Johnson, Executive Producer of Grace To You and the Pyro Blog, will be presenting a message about Charles H. Spurgeon during the BCLR Reformation Celebration. There will be activities for children as well. (No cost for these events)

FEBRUARY 23 - 25
And next year, in February, Dr. Bruce Ware will be the keynote speaker for our annual BCLR Missions Conference. You can listen to some of his sermons here or here.

*There will be a nominal registration fee for the Men & Women's conference, as it includes
several meals. The Reformation Celebration & Missions Conference are free & open events. I'm not sure of any cost for the OT Ethics workshop. More details TBA

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