Your Ministry Matters!

I received an email recently from a college friend, who wanted to give glory to God for His great and mighty deeds. Seems she was used of God in a rather "melodious" way to bring a sinner to repentance. I'm sure you'll be encouraged by this as I was, in that God can and does use our ministries - no matter how insignificant they seem - for His own glory. (Matthew 5:16)

Today I witnessed the baptism of an 80 year old man who just recently gave his life to Jesus Christ. Following the service, the pastor of the church approached me and informed me that the Lord had used my service in the church to bring this man to the Lord. Puzzled by his statement, I inquired as to what he meant for I didn't even know this man. I recognized him, but couldn't really claim I knew him.

The pastor went on to explain that years ago, this man played the violin. But arthritis had crippled him and he hadn't played for decades. When he heard that I was playing the violin in church every Sunday, he decided to come, just to hear me play. You see this man had never set foot in church before and wanted nothing to do with God. But he missed playing the violin and wanted to at least hear someone else play it.

After attending several services, God began to do a work in his heart. Months later, he gave his life to Jesus Christ.

You see it's not that I'm some famous or great violinist. But around here, no one else plays the violin. So coming to church was his only chance to hear someone play.

Why do I share this with you today? For two reasons; one, so you will rejoice in the salvation of a soul; two, so you will be encouraged in your service to God. For you never know when God might be using you to bring someone to Him[self].

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