Church - UNCENSORED and RAW!!

Oh boy...here we go again!

I find it rather ironic that the spear-head of this event is a comedian. Perhaps - as the saying goes - God does have a sense of humor.

Also, read this article from the Tenessean about the event - but be sure to read the comments section as well. Some of the most insightful comments are from unbelievers.

I'll conclude with a few quotes from the Tenessean article:

Funny quote:

At the GodMen event, men "won't be required to cry or hold another man's hand," Stine said.

Sad quote:

[At the GodMen event,] No pastors will speak because men don't like being preached to, he said.

Interesting quote:

At the daylong GodMen event downtown Saturday, men will be able to cuss, smoke cigars, watch videos of football pileups and car crashes...

Stupid quote:

Crawford, 43, a printing company marketer. "A lot of men don't like church because you've got to shave and you've got to dress up (iamchief asks, "So...what do you do if you work in an office?") . I'd rather not shave on the weekend. I'd rather just be a guy."


tnfpb said...

will there be a room where one can pray and flatulate and "feel" comfortable doing so, what about pick your nose and flick the... ok, i get it now...

what is that word, "anthropocentric"

jigawatt said...

I'm really surprised that Eldredge isn't a featured speaker. This certainly seems to be related to his book.

Some men today are mistaking ferality with righteousness.

Anonymous said...

Uncensored and raw... when you put it that way, I have to say, I'm surprised they haven't joined forces with the Christian Wrestling Federation... kicking ass in a display of MANLINESS for Christ.

Aaron said...

Veronica, when you put it that way...I guess I'm still just "suprised". :o)

Thanks for stopping by. I took a quick peek at your blog...looks interesting.