Put On Your Game Face

FINALLY! The truth comes out...it's all a GAME folks!

The best selling book is now anat-home experience like no other!

“Your Best Life Now” by Joel Osteen has sold over 3 million copies and has been on the New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly Best Seller list for over 50 consecutive weeks. The game enables players to step beyond the one-on-one nature of the book and feel, touch, and live Joel’s 7 Steps To Living At Your Full Potential with your friends and family. Your Best Life Now: The Game is an entertaining and educational way to take inventory of yourself and accountability of your actions. Climb the mountain as you
• Enlarge Your Vision
• Develop a Healthy Self Image
• Discover the Power of your Thoughts and Words
• Let Go of the Past
• Find Strength Through Adversity
• Live To Give
• Choose to Be Happy

Each new plateau represents a challenge and a chance to open up and experience these steps first hand as you learn to live Your Best Life Now.


tnfpb said...

I want one!

jigawatt said...

It seems to me that the whole concept of "Your Best Life Now" is unsuitable to being molded into a game. That is, a traditional game where there are winners and losers. It wouldn't surprise me if the game ends with everybody winning. Can you imagine, . . . "Ha Ha Ha, Larry. You LOSE! You don't have the Best Life Now, . . I DO!! (singing) We are the champions. . . "

Joel Osteen is nothing more than Zig Ziglar with a pulpit.