Spotting the Blog Spotter

I've been intending on posting this picture of the original Pyro since Reformation Day, when I got to meet Phil Johnson. Phil was our guest speaker at BCLR for our Ref. Day Celebration, and spoke on the life of Charles H. Spurgeon, which, of course, Phil is qualified to do! You can hear his message here (from this link you might have to search by name or date).

This makes two of the four pyros that I've met - having met
Centuri0n back in July. I don't necessarily have some freak obsession with of meeting all of them, even though they seem to be the "Beatles" of the blogosphere. Besides, I don't know when or where I'd run into Dan Phillips, but it would be a hoot to meet Pecadillo (I have at least two questions for him: Is that is real name? and Why?). I've probably forwarded more links from Pecadillo's blog than Pyro's. Dude is hi-larious.

Plus, I've been
trying unashamedly to get blog spotted for a long time. Maybe this will be my lucky day providential time.


tnfpb said...

you will stop at nothing... I admire your tenacity...

I think Pecadillo's name is Jonathan. I think Phil mentioned him in his presentation at bclr.

I, also, am not convinced of your denial of not having a "freak obsession" with meeting them... well, maybe meeting them yes... getting blogspotted, that, my friend, is another story!

tnfpb said...

I know, I know... it is not the same, but, well... there you are...