Pei Wei with Priolo

It's not often that you get to meet some of the men/women who have helped shape your Christian life. But when you actually get to sit down and have a meal with them, it's a real treat. I was priviliged to have a meal tonight with a guy who's helping me raise my children - Lou Priolo. Now, of course he's never met my children, but through the ministry of his books, he's contributed greatly to this daunting task of child rearing.

Lou is in town for two interviews with FamilyLife Today (FLT) on his two new books, Pleasing People and Getting a Grip. Lou has also written two others that I just mentioned have helped me in raising my children, The Heart of Anger and Teach Them Diligently.

Often when a male guest flies into Little Rock for a FLT interview, the research assistant will ask for a volunteer to pick them up and sometimes take them to dinner. When I saw that Lou Priolo was coming in, I quickly raised my hand! After picking him up at the airport, he was needing a bite to eat, so we went to my newest favorite restaurant - Pei Wei. Pei Wei is owned by the same folks that own PF Chang's, but Pei Wei is quite a bit cheaper - another reason it's my favorite restaurant!

So, over a bowl of Soba-Miso and my favorite - Mongolian Beef, we discussed everything from origami to ministry to, of course, child rearing. I got to ask him some questions about child rearing - just to see if he remembered what he wrote in his books. :o) He faired pretty well.

Anyways...I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce you or re-introduce you to an author that needs to occupy your library. Here are some Lou Links:

His Books:

His Website:

Go to loupriolo.com for Lou's bio, speaking itinerary, CD's to purchase and some free audio to download as well as a few free resources.

Here's another site that offers many of Lou's messages for you to purchase.

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