The Christian Husband

I've given away more of Bob Lepine's book, The Christian Husband, than any other book. Two reasons - 1) I get an incredible discount and it costs me next to nothing! :o) and 2) It's just a good book for husbands.
Bob Lepine is the popular co-host of FamlyLife Today, he has an incredible theological mind and is an excellent teacher. He's my boss, a friend, and also one of the elders at my church.
Though Bob is quite the theologian, this book won't intimidate the average reader. This book can be simply described - Bob takes the OT offices of Prophet, Priest and King, and uses this as an outline for building spiritual priorities for the Christian husband.
Recently his book was featured in FamilyLife's award winning ezine - The Family Room. The article concludes with these words:

As husbands, we have been assigned the task of leading our wives on our pilgrimage through earth to heaven. We serve them not when we do everything they ask us to do, but when we understand and cooperate with the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. We never see our role as an opportunity for privilege, but as a divine responsibility to lead our wives as they grow in grace.

How are you doing, men, at leading your wives?
You can read the rest of this excerpt here, or order the book here. Also, check out some of Bob's articles here.
And - how 'bout this...wanna free copy? I'll send a free, autographed copy of Bob's book to the first five people to leave a comment, who have NEVER commented before on i am chief. Now, if you've commented here before, you can still "enter" the give away, but the books go first to those who are first time commenters. If, after one week, there aren't five new commenters, then the remaining books go to the others. What a great Father's Day gift this would make... if he doesn't take it the wrong way!


tnfpb said...

free book, huh, what...

I am sure you already knew I was going to throw my name in there. Just in case--

Aaron said...

Patience, my friend, patience...whaddya think I'm getting you for a wedding gift?

Even So... said...

Hey Chief, can't rememeber the last time I left a comment (if ever ?), but I'd love that book, so I'm praying that no one (just kidding...)

MARK said...

Did I make the cut? I was thinking, "he hasn't given me one yet." Then I finished reading the blog and noticed that I had to earn it.

Krista said...

I don't think I have ever left a comment before! I could use a book to give my hubby for Father's Day!
P.S. Thank Anita tipping us off on her blog!

Michael Hamline said...

So I honestly can't remember if I have ever commented on your blog or not but I think my "nose" so to speak smelled out the free book offer. And since you made an offer for a wedding gift (to Gary) and I plan on getting married before the end of this year how about I make things easy on you and accept a free book on how to lead in a new role as the husband I hope to be before the year is out?

Aaron said...

I guess you've all realized this is just a cheap attempt at boosting my blogger ego. Wow! Look at all the comments. Either that, or it only proves that I have to buy my friends.

The results so far:

1. Even So
2. Krista
3. Michael

1. Gary
2. Mark

So...still room for two more new commenters...we've got two more days left!

Even So... said...

Hey Chief, when you send me the book I'll send you back a copy of my recently published book...blessings!

Anonymous said...

I have just tonight for the first time actually discovered your blog, so I am quite sure that this is my first comment!

What a great Father's Day gift!

Aaron said...

Alright, we have our winners(oops! my first attempt I left out an "n" - "winers" - pardon the pun):

1. Even So
2. Krista
3. Michael
4. Ukrainiac

Gary, you'll get one at your wedding, and Mark...I'm sure I didn't get you anything at your wedding, so I'll send you one too.

Michael & Krista, I'll have your copies signed to "Michael" and "Jimmy", respectively, and hand deliver them at church.

As for Even so & Ukrainiac, shoot me an email with your mailing address & to whom you'd like it autographed.

My email is:
aaron DOT iamchief AT gmail DOT com

BTW, how did you two find iamchief?

Thanks for playing!

Even So... said...

BTW, how did you two find iamchief?

Scumblog roll, also have seen you comment over at centuri0n's...

email: primesoul@hotmail.com
(I'll send an email too)

sign: to JD

Anonymous said...

I clicked a sidebar link on a new-to-me blog.

Anonymous said...

I probably didn't make the top five, but i will trade you one copy of a nouthetic counseling manual for one... ok, so maybe i am holding it for ransom... either way, i'd like to work out a swap! --Branson

Even So... said...

Yee haw! Got the book, and it looks excellent, will get to it right away...thanks Chief!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have commented. I would like to read the book before I hear him speak later this year.

Aaron said...

Anonymous -
Thanks for stopping by, unfortunately the "give away" was over last week. Sorry!

Even So -
Glad you're excited about the book. Enjoy!

Hong and Tami Kim said...


Where is your follow up post on the previous If You Were To Die Tonight... post?

I'm curious.

- Tami

PS...I have strong "icky" feelings to that question. Perhaps because I associate it with not-very-Biblical-[Baptist]-churches-that-don't-have-Biblical-leadership-or-sound-doctrine/teaching. Yeah, that question makes me cringe inside. To me, it seems to go with the arminian paradigm. I mean, if you heard that question growing up as a kid, you were inevitably (perhaps unintentionally) lead to focus on SELF - not God's grace... in Sunday School, the answer would have been "because IIIIII believe in Jesus and IIIIII invited Him into my heart!" It all just doesn't gel with the doctrines of grace. If ppl understood that a more appropriate answer of, "Holy & Just God, You SHOULDN'T let me into Your Heaven! I am unworthy. BUT, you have imputed Jesus' Righteousness to me, and beacuse of that I stand before you blameless and spotless - not because of what I have done [or not done], but only because of your grace!" .. then that question might not make me cringe so badly.

Automatically, when someone is asked that, the person (in they're already sinful disposition) is sitting there thinking of what they've done to be worthy to get into heaven - it's just not a good approach to evangelism when you are trying to help the person see that salvation is completely apart from anything they could do or not do to deserve God's grace.

Now I'm just talking in circles I think...I don't know.. just some of my thoughts.

Will you post your follow-up now? I want to read what you have to say.

2.22 said...

Wow! Someone actually reads this thing? Thanks for the reminder...I'll try to do that soon. And, by the way, thanks for ruining my follow up. You said in just a few words what I would have taken two pages to say!

Hong and Tami Kim said...

ps... the abuse of that poor hymn makes me cringe too! The link made me laugh out loud! Only ppl that have seen the abuse, can appriciate the humor. I have aweful visualizations of ppl muttering the words to that song and while pretending to pray, they're eagerly peeking to see who walks down the isle.

- TK