Lies Young Women Believe - UPDATE

Lies Young Women Believe

**UPDATE 02/28/08: The official website is now up and running and being updated regularly. Go to www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com or just click on the banner above.

Several months ago we had an unsual and exciting day in the studio. I thought it might be neat to give a small snapshot of the goings-on, since this wasn't a typical day.

The day revolved around Nancy Leigh DeMoss' new book co-authored with Dannah Gresh titled, "Lies Young Women Believe". If you're familiar with Nancy's ministry, you'll know this is a much-anticipated follow-up to her first book "Lies Women Believe."

During the day we recorded an interview with Nancy & Dannah, hosted by FamilyLife's Bob Lepine, where they discussed the new book. We also had an outside video crew come in and film the radio interview. That evening, Nancy & Dannah discussed the book again, only this time in front of cameras, crew and 40+ high school & college girls. I'm not sure yet how the video will end up being used.

Of course the content was great, in fact you can hear it on ROH as early as February 20-25. We'll air part one in February, with part two to come several weeks later. You can read about the book, published by Moody, here. It's not due out until February 1st.

The day was unusual and exciting and untypical mainly because of the camera crew. Scott Edge and his team did the filming, and it was neat watching how it all works, since I'm used to radio - where you just talk into a mic and push "RECORD".

Below are a few photos taken by my friend Dennis Leake (who also took these great shots of Johnny Cash back during the Vietnam war). He was trying out his new digital camera.

This first picture (click on any pics to enlarge) is taken in the control room looking through the glass into Studio One - where we always record Nancy's teaching sessions. Here's what's going on:

In the foreground you have Justin (left) and Kenny (right) playing some video games on the flatscreen. The screen is off camera just to the right, so you can't see it. But trust me, they're playing video games. See how much fun they're having?!

That's me on the far right, talking to Wes. Wes is the Media Director for ROH up in Michigan, he's eating. We're probably talking about some real important things... I can't remember. Justin & Kenny sure are having fun though. Just look at 'em.

Those two guys sitting in the back of the control room in front of the computer screens are Scott & his monitor guy (I'm sure there's a cooler name for that job than "monitor guy") Monitor Guy (far left) watches several monitors showing each camera shot & decides which ones are keepers. He communicates to the camera men via headsets.

There's Wes eating again. Looks like Kenny tore away from his gaming just in time to realize that there's a recording session going on.

Beyond the glass is the studio, where you can see Bob & Dannah sitting around the table preparing for the interview. And, there's me again on the left, standing around doing important stuff.

Here's a shot taken just before we started rolling that evening. Both Nancy & Dannah are adjusting their headset mics. Kim is helping Dannah with hers, Nancy's trying to get me to help with hers, but I'm trying to tell her that I'm doing something important.

Below are a few other great pics of the video shoot.

So there you have it - a very brief "behind the scenes" look at an ROH recording.


Kim said...

I can't wait to get this book!!!

Kenny said...

I would comment right now, but I'm about to break my high score of Tetris.

Paula Hendricks said...

What would we do without your able team?! We would be sunk. :)

Dionna said...

Loved discovering your blog today. I'll be back... :)

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

I have the book and I am so thankful these two ladies have written this book.

Anonymous said...

I am in the smallest room in my house. Your book is in front of me. Soon it will be behind me.