A Living Epistle

In preparation for a recent teaching opportunity, I came across this sermon by Cornelius Tyree called "THE MORAL POWER OF A PIOUS LIFE" or known also as "The Living Epistle". It's long - so you probably won't read it all in one sitting, but you might take a few small bites at a time.

I was studying the salt & light passage in Matthew 5, and Tyree's words are helpful for us to know the importance of letting others see our "good works" that they might "give glory to God."
How can the attention of men be most effectually drawn to the great subject of Christianity? If there can be no sound conversion to God without thought and investigation—then how can men be induced to entertain the gospel proposition? The most effectual way to enlist general attention to the religion of Christ—is for its professors to display it in their tempers and conduct.
The best commentary on the Bible that the world has ever seen--is a holy life of growing likeness to Christ. The most eloquent sermon in behalf of the gospel that the world has ever heard--is a uniform, active life of piety. The best version of the Bible that has ever been made--is a consistent pious example. The Christian whose light thus shines, not only correctly renders--but beautifies the sacred text. His life and conduct are a sort of second edition of the written Scriptures--a living epistle which all can read, all understand, and that convinces and convicts all.
So, how are others reading your life?

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