Really Random Images

Ok, if my math serves me well (wish it were this good) and my three readers have visited this site 2 or 3 times, then they've seen possibly 9 different header images on my blog. That's, of course, if none of the images repeated on their subsequent visits.
I'm talking about the image at the top of this page. If you've noticed (i.e., if you're so bored you decided to return) each time you visit or refresh the page you'll see a new image. Try pressing "F5" on your keyboard several times & watch the magic. Go on then... try it.
I have a total of 20 different images that randomly rotate each page visit. It's pretty easy to do once you've created your images. I can't find the site that I got the code from, but if you're interested, let me know and I can talk you through it.
So below are my 20 images & I thought I'd give a brief commentary on some of them. I'm eternally indebted to Gimp for helping me create these. Click on any image to enlarge.

Me and my lovely bride.

This is a row out of my second grade yearbook. As always, I'm on the last row! The first guy in the row now works with my mother at a plant in Sheridan. Kristin helps her family run the local paper in my hometown of Sheridan. Dena & her husband own a flooring business in Warran, AR. And Andrea cleans my teeth every six months.

I just like the way this color scheme turned out.

Me and my dad. I'm the one with the cloth diaper.

Remember the Snake?

Me, circa 1971. Nice curls.

My latest collection: vintage board games. More to come...

From an old Star Wars record cover.

This is an ad out of one of my dad's old comic books. As most comic book ads, it promised much, but provided little.
I took a picture of this blown-up image on a wall in a museum.

This is my dad's old army truck. With two "C" batteries, it used to really shoot missiles.

I love kids cereal! Cocoa Pebbles rock!

Does he even need an explanation?

An old Ford Falcon I shot while on vacation.

Anna's piercing blue eyes.

This is me and my Papaw at their old homeplace out on the old Redfield road in Sheridan. circa 1971


Unknown said...

Guess I will come out of lurking around your blog. You don't know me personally, but you know my husband, Richard Hawkins. Richard and Jason Moore talk about you often. Please visit our blog anytime at www.hawkinsquared.blogspot.com
Its nothing fancy, but it keeps our family and friends connected. I really enjoy reading yours. You have a beautiful family.

Aaron said...

Hey sooz - thanks for coming out of the dark! Jason mentioned just yesterday that you guys have a blog... it looks great.
Glad you're enjoying iamchief.

Oh, and don't believe ANYTHING Richard & Jason say about me.

Jenny said...

You're just trying to make me jealous!!! I just don't get how you do it!!

Gina said...

You're just trying to make me break out of Google Reader to see what the image o'the day is - aren't you?

These are great!

Udarnik said...

Hey, wait a minute... there are at least four of us... I'm gonna go get Jennifer... that will be five, if my math is good.

I love all the header images... they're all good.

Krista said...

I love all of the headers. The one of Anna's eys is so beautiful. I thought for sure both of my girls would have blue eyes like me, but they both have brown eyes like their daddy. Their eyes are still beautiful, just not blue like I expected! :)