Edit Suite 3

I was inspired over a year ago by Kirk Demaris over at the Secret Fun Blog when he posted the pictures of his old office cubicle and his new cubicle, showcasing what I'm certain is only a sliver of his retro goodies. It was like walking into the bedroom of your second grade best friend and seeing all his cool toys that your parents couldn't afford. It was magically delicious.
I immediately decided that I wanted to try something similar... but it was going to take some time and some slick ebay skills.
After 17 months of waiting, ebaying. creating and decorating, I'm now ready to release photos of my work space, otherwise known around FamilyLife Studios as "Edit Suite 3".

Click on any image to enlarge.

This is my workstation. The screen on the right is for the Mac on which we do our audio editing. The left screen is for our PC on which we do all our other office work - emails, spreadsheets, etc. Since these are audio edit suites, they are all soundproof.

Come and play. Everything's A-OK!

I've got a long ways to go before achieving a Little People collection like this one.

Over the following days & weeks, I'll repost each of these pics one at a time and give you some stories with the images. Until then, be inspired by these cool work spaces. Or these creative work enviroments.


Gina said...

Oh. How. Cool!!!!

Unknown said...

Love this post. Very fun! I have most of the Fisher Price collection and Sesame Street stuff.