To: Mom @ Dad!

Several days ago I posted something my son wrote at age 8. Today I'm posting something that I created at about the same age.

This was folded several times and on the outside it was addressed:
To: Mom @ Dad!

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Gina said...

I love that you've got all this stuff. My mom kept a lot of mine, gave it to me when she moved to NH about 13 years ago - - and then I got really OCD and started throwing stuff away. I'm not sure if I kept any of that!! It's sweet and funny. And I meant to comment on AJW's essay - I love that he had to write it. And the last sentence totally cracked me up - but I know he was so serious as he was writing. He's a good guy. :) Is he spoken for, already? (I'm all for arranged marriages, you know? ;) )