An Animated History of the Hungarian Rhapsody

The Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 has to be one of the most popular classical works - thanks to it's popularity among cartoon makers. Consider these dueling pianists...

And do you remember these other two cartoons? Mickey is credited with the first cartoon performance.

Even Woody Woodpecker had a turn. Apparently these aren't the only cartoons built around Hungarian Rhapsody #2.

Perhaps the popular use of classical music in older cartoons (I have no idea if they still do this) has encouraged many children to pursue a musical discipline. I'd have to attribute at least some of my love for music to the subtle influence that cartoons had on me. And even today, after watching the vintage video above of Tom & Jerry dancing around the keys, my son has been on a quest to peck out the melody on our piano by ear.

Who said watching cartoons is a waste of time? :)

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