Defined by Bling?

This continues a series on Proverbs & Money.

Proverbs 12:9
Better to be lowly
and have a servant,
than to play the great man
and lack bread.

I would venture a guess that this Proverb is not highlighted in the rookie handbooks of most professional sports teams. While many of the pro leagues are implementing creative ways to preserve the financial well-being of their stars, there are still far too many examples of once millionaire athletes ending up broke before their first gray hair (the cynic in me also guesses that the financial ruin was not entirely due to charitable aspirations).

We “common” folk shake our heads in amazement at such imprudence all the while implying that if it were us it would be different. Really? Perhaps it would be, but if so it would only be by God’s grace as we submit ourselves to the wisdom found here. You see, not unlike many of the stars, we are all prone to flaunt what we have and fake the rest. Meekness and poverty of spirit do not come naturally.

Solomon, however, cutting cross-grain against our tendencies, actually argues that it is better to be “lowly”. The lowly one in his example actually appears to have more “bling” and “peeps” than does the pretender, but I don’t believe possessions that are often a result of prudent, steady financial management is ultimately what makes lowliness of spirit better. It is ultimately better because of the freedom found in not allowing our abundance, or lack thereof, to define us. The farce on the other hand is in bondage to an empty image of their own making. Lowliness has little to do with our socio-economic altitude and much more to do with the attitude of our heart.

The same can be perfectly seen in our Redeemer kinsman. Christ is the only one who had the assets to play the part of the great man. He created us and owns the whole universe! But, he chose to walk the path of lowliness and actually became a servant himself. The path of suffering was better for him and thereby secured its betterment for us. Have this same mind in you today for His glory and your good (Philippians 2:5-11).

All posts in this "Proverbs and Money" series were submitted by a friend of Aaron's who wishes to remain anonymous.

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