Electronic products such as motorcycles

As much as I hate junk mail & spam in my Inbox, every now & then I get one that's so bad, it's almost enjoyable. I've cut & pasted a recent email I received in my junk folder, and - I've altered nothing but the web address & emails

how are you doing recently?

I would like to introduce you a very good company and its website is http://www.verygoodspam.com/
It can offer you all kinds of electronic products that you may be in need,such as laptops ,gps ,TV LCD,cell phones, ps3,MP3/4,motorcycles and etc........

You can take some time to have a check ,there must be something interesting you 'd like to purchase .

The contact email: email@spam.com
MSN: email@spam.com
TEL: 1-800-SPAM

Hope you can enjoy yourself in shopping from that company !
I think this spammer was using Power Translator.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, this is good stuff! I hope you can enjoy yourself in continuing to post this kindly in your blogging.

P.s. My "word verification" to post this is "choidw". Or random letter verification, either way.