Freebie Friday

This week's book giveaway is Tim Challies' "The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment." If you aren't familiar with Tim's website, go there now from some great stuff!

The random topic for this giveaway is: Gameshows.

Leave your name & your favorite gameshow (past or present) in the comments.

And, my apologies for the absence of Freebie Fridays the past couple of weeks & my apologies to my friend, Matt Henslee, who won the MacArthur book a few weeks ago & I haven't even told him yet.


Unknown said...

My favorite gameshow is a toss up between Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. I seldom catch either one lately, however. I loved the photo album last week. Your children are precious.

Gina said...

Looks like a great book! But, I'm not posting a comment to win because I've won recently.

Truth or Consequences when I was a kid. I've always liked to watch Jeopardy (the original version and the "new" one). But really, does it get any "better" than "No Whammies! No Whammies!!!" from Press Your Luck? ;)

BerryGirl said...

I always loved The Price is Right. Especially when they played Plinko and the game with the mountain climber/yodeler (I totally just wiki'd it, it's Cliff Hangers). Everyone was always so excited on that game - it's almost as if they fed them pure grain sugar!

Hong and Tami Kim said...

Aaron, current ones? or ones when we were kids?

I'll answer based on when I was a kid:

1) The Price Is Right - with BOB! It's gotten so lame-o with the new host Drew Carey.

2) Hollywood Squares! I was pretty young - but I always loved it.

3) Double-Dare...the goo-ing of the contestant was the funnest part to watch!

4) lastly, that grocery shopping game (grabbing all the stuff in one minute) -- I can't remember what it's called... I always imagined what I would get if I could play that game!

Aaron said...

Tami, go back and read the post SLOOOOWWWWLY :)

"Leave your name & your favorite gameshow (past or present) in the comments."

Hong and Tami Kim said...

AHHHH....sorry!!!!!!!! I re-read it twice - and missed it twice! I guess that's reason to NOT win! :-p I'm STILL VERY happy with my previous win.