Questions To Ask a Pastor or Deacon Candidate: Part 4

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Sample Questions for Interview with Elder/Deacon Candidate
by Lance Quinn

The following are a sampling of what might be asked in an interview for prospective Elders. The sampling of questions could also be modified for use in a Deacon interview. These questions are not intended to be exhaustive; they are however intended to be representative of the kinds of questions churches often don’t ask before affirming men to serve in positions of leadership in the local church. You are encouraged to reproduce this sampling of questions for your church leadership interviews.

Please note: When asking these or other questions of an Elder/Deacon Candidate, I am by no means assuming that we are asking these men for perfection! We are however, seeking a direction in their life toward holiness of character which speaks of what God is doing in them and with them as they aspire to serve the body of Christ.

16. Are all music styles appropriate for public worship? What styles would be inherently inappropriate? Does the approach to musical styles in non-worship services have to match the worship/music style of corporate worship? Why or why not?

17. What is the most effective form of evangelism? Are you presently involved in personal witnessing? Have you ever had the privilege of seeing someone pray to receive Christ through you? How should evangelism take place in the church? Is evangelism synonymous with missions? Why or why not?

18. Describe your personal approach to prayer. Do you pray regularly? What has been the latest answer you have personally seen in prayer? If you are married, do you pray regularly with your wife? Where, in your opinion, does prayer rank in the various spiritual disciplines?

19. Without giving specifics, how would you rate yourself in giving? Give a quick Biblical perspective on giving. What does the Bible teach regarding the concept of tithing?

20. What questions do you have of the present Elders? What can they do to best facilitate your potential coming to serve on the board? What practical steps would be helpful to you as you begin your ministry?

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Craver Vii said...

What a great find! I'm interviewing a prospective teaching pastor next month. I'll be sure to use some of your questions.