A Quick Guide to 7 Features on Monergism.com

If you've never been to www.monergism.com   you need to bookmark it now.  There is rarely a time when I'm preparing a sermon or lesson that I don't visit monergism to search their wonderful collection of resources.  Below is an email I just received from this ministry that highlights the various features on their site:

While many have been to the home page, less people know about our Directory page. Here we have easy access to links to all major categories on our website listed both topically and alphabetically. If you have not been to this page, it is probably the most important page to bookmark on the site. http://www.monergism.com/directory/
A listing to frequently asked questions about a variety of essential topics and controversial issues. Read our recently updated FAQ entitled What is the Gsopel?
3) MP3 Library - New Feature!!!
This section of Monergism.com competes for first place as the most popular page(s) on the site. And it just got better. We recently upgraded the MP3 library by adding a blog-like 'recommended resources' feature on the home page which will be frequently updated to help direct you toward Christian multimedia that stands out as being worth your time. It is such a vast library that some may find it helpful to be directed toward specific resources. Bookmark this page and look at it frequently for updates.
This is also a very popular part of the website. Look up any text of Scripture and you are likely to find writen expositions.You can also type in any Bible verse into the search box, and find a commentaries on that verse. But if you don't want to miss any, go to the page itself.
A list of biographies and resources from some recent prophetic voices which are Gospel-centered and Christ-honoring.
Perhaps the most extensive listing of Puritan resources on the web.
A ministry of Monergism.com which churns our weekly book reviews and ranks the top 3-5 books in every category.

In addition to these features, Monergism.com has begun hosting a significant number of Christ-honoring reformatted classic articles and resources. You can find some of them here.

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