The Charlie Brown Dictionary

I can still remember waiting for weeks at a time to receive my next installment of this 8 volume set of Charlie Brown Dictionaries.  My original set was probably sold for next-to-nothing at one of Mom's garage sales on Mockingbird Lane.  Drats.  But, alas, the ironic circle of life for all things nostalgic finally made its round and I found the set pictured below at another garage sale last year for the meager sum of 50 cents a book!
Seems like we got the first volume or (or two) at an "introductory price" and then the remaining volumes were shipped every 4-6 weeks.  The wait was brutal for this little grade school boy.  The suspense of wondering what Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and the gang could teach me about all things beginning with the letter "D" was intense to be sure.

Let's look inside, shall we?  Below is the table of contents that included all 50 state maps.

And instructions on how to use the dictionary. I don't think I'd ever read this page before.  I like the illustration on this page though (and another below).  If ever I got to go to a summer camp, I'd want it to look just like this one.

What better page to sample than my favorite letter - A?!

A. "A" is for Arkansas. Naturally.  Note the sub-title of this page reads "The Wonder State" and not "The Natural State."

Gotta have a picture of the band.

And since Walmart is already putting out the Halloween candy, I might as well include this page of the gang in their costumes.  

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