Justification versus Sanctification

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Many years ago, I saw this helpful comparison of the doctrines of justification and sanctification.  I recently discovered that it came from J. C. Ryle in his book Holiness, published by Evangelical Press (Read it online here). 

Justification and Sanctification | How are they alike?
  • Both proceed originally from the free grace of God.
  • Both are a part of the great work of salvation, at which, the root is Christ.
  • Both are found in the same persons and cannot be separated.
  • Both begin at the same time, even though a person may not feel it.
  • Both are necessary for salvation.

Justification and Sanctification | How are they different?
  • Justification is the reckoning and counting a man to be righteous for the sake of another - even Jesus Christ our Lord.
  • Sanctification is the actual making a man inwardly righteous, though to a very feeble degree.

  • The righteousness we have by our justification is not our own, but the perfect righteousness of Christ imputed to us by faith.
  • The righteousness we have by sanctification is our own, imparted, inherent and wrought in us by the Holy Spirit, although filled with much infirmity and imperfection.

  • In justification, our own works have no place of importance at all. Faith in Christ is all important.
  • In sanctification, our own works are of vast importance as God actually commands us to fight, watch, and pray, strive and take pains and labor

  • Justification is a finished and complete work, and a man is perfectly justified the moment he believes.
  • Sanctification is an imperfect work, comparatively, and will never be perfected until we reach heaven.

  • Justification in a man's life does not grow or increase.
  • Sanctification is a progressive work and grows continually as long as a man lives.

  • Justification has special reference to our persons and our standing in God's sight as well as our deliverance from guilt.
  • Sanctification has special reference to our natures and the moral renewal of our hearts.

  • Justification gives us access to heaven and the boldness to enter in.
  • Sanctification gives us our desire for heaven and prepares us to enjoy it when we dwell there.

  • Justification is the act of God about us, and is not easily discerned by others.
  • Sanctification is the work of God within us, and cannot be hid in its outward manifestation from the eyes of man.
You can download a pdf version of this comparison here.
I've since found a couple of other online resources that help compare and contrast the two doctrines (here and here).

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Reformed Apologist said...

Unfortunately, too many are confounding justification and sanctification, which is stepping stone to Roman Catholicism.

Keep up the good work!