Ok, this has got to get me blogspotted on PYROMANIAC!!
What do the three pictures above have in common?

It's a strange food site hosted by a former Big Idea employee (remember Big Idea, they made all the Veggie Tale movies?). The site is called Kooky Chow, and it's a hoot.
I know Phil Johnson, of PYROMANIAC will appreciate it, because I've witnessed his fetish for unusual delicacies at his unusual website (careful if you have a weak stomach!). I can't really explain it, so you'll just have to check it out for yourself. And, once you've been there, you can get a t-shirt!
So, allow me to serve you Phil, and feel free to consider this an early bribe as I'll soon be asking you to come speak to our college & singles group, 222mission, at the Bible Church of Little Rock next year!
Your dinner is served!


Jonathan said...

Phil of Big Idea huh? That'd be fun.

Aaron said...

You may be getting confused with Phil Vischer of Big Idea. I'm trying to get the attention of Phil Johnson, of Grace To You. I just used this weird food website (from a former Big Idea emplyee) to get Phil Johnson's attention.
But, I just found out that Phil Johnson may be speaking at the BCLR Summer Days family retreat in June.