I Couldn't Have Said It Better

I've been considering blogging my thoughts on Katrina - both the theological ramifications (i.e., How could God let something like this happen?), as well as my observations of those who have been directly affected by this event (the complaints aimed at our government, the looting, the violence).

If the Lord wills, I'll deal with the latter, later. But as for the former, I can't begin to articulate my thoughts any better than John Piper has already done.

Please read his recent article entitled:

Was Katrina Intelligent Design?

St. Petersburg Times/Douglas R. Clifford

Also, here's a link to a sermon preached by one of our pastors, Tim Senn, discussing the twin truths of God's Sovereignty in this calamity, as well as our responsibility to help the hurting. Look for the sermon dated 9-4-05.

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