Go Goth this Easter...

Here it is...

just released from our research and development team...

New from FamilyLife, the creators of Resurrection Eggs

Insurrection Eggs

Tired of teenage rebellion at home?

Trying to find a way to reach them during those difficult adolescent years?

Now, with Insurrection Eggs, your rebellious teen can go totally Goth, while keeping in touch with your family's traditions!

Insurrection Eggs teach the story of the first insurrection, using symbols drawn directly from Medieval and Biblical sources. As they open each egg, your teen can revel in the authentically styled yet totally safe symbols of the original teen rebellion, Lucifer's fall!

It's all right there, in the Insurrection Eggs, only from FamilyLife! And, if you order today, you'll receive this very special genuine resin dragon's egg replica, with Goth style pedestal.

Hurry, get your Insurrection Eggs,

and don't forget...

the just released...

Insurrection Eggs for Girls!

*this is a parody...a farce...a joke...please don't call 1-800-FLTODAY to order this...but you can call them to order Resurrection Eggs. :o)


Udarnik said...

Oh, this is goooood. May I link?


PietyHill Press

Aaron said...

Welcome Bo!
Feel free to link...the witty talent is that of my co-worker (at FamilyLife), Keith Lynch. He's indrectly contributed" to iamchief before. You ought to hear what he does with audio! :o)