Quotables, Revelations, Miracles and an Ugly Pastor from the 17th Century

I was just introduced to a small treasure of widely ranging resources hosted by Bo Salisbury, a new visitor at iamchief.

Check out his helpful Christian Quotes site


his blog that extends his Revelation Bible study to any who'd like to drop in.


his own biography of the "Reformed Pastor", Richard Baxter

OR (I said this was widely ranged, didn't I?)

Salisbury's testimony of God's miraculous, healing grace during a life threatening fight with Necrotizing Fasciitis.

Oh yeah...and pygmies.



tnfpb said...

hey i dig that Quotable Christian website, i have a habit of copying my favorite quotes from the books i have read making a word doc(weird maybe??).

Aaron said...

Dude...you're alive!!

pilgrim said...

I've bookmarked the quotable site--a great resource!

Udarnik said...

Thanks for the shout out and kind comments! If you are familiar with the Macintosh, I began using HyperCard to collect quotes as I studied... then, when the web came along, it was a natural fit.

I hope it proves useful...