Chief Links

Seems to be the cool thing... posting a blog entry that offers links to other blogs & sites.
Makes sense.
Everytime I read a good blog or find something online, I want to put it on my blog. But why try to copy what someone else has already perfected?

So, in the traditions of Challies' A La Carte and Pyro's burned-out Blogspotting (Pyro's links were links that linked back to his own blog...creating a chain-link :o) here I go:

  • My good friend found this King of the Hill cartoon proving that even Hollywood sees the foolishness of current, seeker sensitive, post-modern church trends. This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Carve out 15 minutes and take a peek.
  • Jim Eliff offers some encouragement for the country-church pastor.
  • Breuss Wane blogs about the blogs about the T4G conference.
  • And speaking of the T4G conference...Steve Camp evaluates their "Statement on the Gospel" with a little help from his friends.
  • And finally...if I could only be the servant-husband like this guy.


tnfpb said...

What do you think of the T4G statement, in light of what Steve Camp posted?

Aaron said...

Welcome, Gayla! Be sure to meet my wife too!

Come again!

Aaron said...

Gary...haven't given it a whole lot of serious thought yet. I'm kind of with Chad (Breuss Wane)...it's not supposed to be a doctrinal statement...it's just a statement. Perhaps all the fuss is unnecessary? I don't know?

How's that for profundity? :o)