Leggo of my Lego

My son - almost six years old - has developed a unique talent of lego-sculpting. I'll spare you from my fatherly boasting, and let you see for yourself. Although, I must explain, that these are his own creations...he didn't build them from any "lego diagrams". Let's see if you can guess who the characters are:




Did you guess?

#1 is this rival pair

#2 is this curious couple

#3 is my fave - the dynamic duo! (maybe this will get a rise out of Breuss Wane)


Aaron said...

perhaps my son will grow up to do this all his adult life!

Unknown said...

Yeah! The Dark Knight and his sidekick!

BizzyWahm said...

Those are awesome...My son does the same thing! He loves leggos and you know I saw on yahoo.com a few weeks back about a man who has millions of leggos in his house and sculpts different buildings, cars, whatever they want for people. I'm talking like car designers and architects etc...now that is awesome and my son wants to be a leggo builder when he grows up now! LOL Whatever works! He has a while of practice he is only 7 1/2!