Book Recommendations Wanted

The picture at right was posted over at Purgatorio with a link to this story of "President Bush read[ing] the inscription on a copy of Life as a Vapor, a book by John Piper, after it was presented to him by Andrew Benecke, left, and his parents Jim and Barbara Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at Lambert Field in St. Louis. Bush presented Andrew with the presidential scholarship medal. (AP Photo/Tom Gannam)"

This brings up a great question to which I'll ask for your input. If you had the opportunity to meet President Bush & give him a book, what book would it be and why? AND to stir it up a bit more...what if it was President Clinton you were meeting? What book, and why?

I'll be thinking of my own answers and leave them in the comments section after reading some of yours. C'mon! It'll be fun!


pilgrim said...

I'm tempted to say the Bible--and make sure they study it.

But I'll go with A Heart for God by Sinclair Ferguson for each.


It explains what it means to have a Heart for God--and how that impacts you.

I'd suggest it for Christians and non Christians.

Anita said...

it's funny that you should ask this question, because the book that i am reading right now is Crunchy Cons, and as i've been reading, i've thought many times "i wonder if the president has read this?"

it's a very thought-provoking book. it's not bashing government, but makes some good points about the republican party and politics in general. one thing that has stuck out to me is that we, who say we are conservative, will scream and cry when it's comes to pro-life, gay marriages, pornography, etc. but sit quietly when we see perfectly good houses and land bulldozed for big businesses and bigger houses. all this is done in the name of making and saving more money. aren't greed, envy, and covetousness sinfull too?

this book needs to be read with some discernment, but it does have some good ideas. i'm coming away from it with the fact that we, as conservatives, need to really be conservative in all areas(put our religion and our life/business together), and be good stewards of what we have been blessed with- our families, homes, food, money, land, and community.

no, i'm not turning into a tree-hugger, but it does make me want to grow a garden. :)

jigawatt said...

I give him Owen's "The Death of Death in the Death of Christ".

Just kidding. I'd probably give him something Piperian, maybe "Desiring God". Why, you ask? Simply because Piper just has a way of explaining theology that makes everything click.

For Clinton, I'd give him the same thing.

Anonymous said...

In response to the previous comment about President Clinton.

I would give President Bush Dr. Sue's "Cat In The Hat"
Why - Considering his limited vocabulary, I think it’s the only book he would understand all the words.

Hmmm…. or maybe some first grade home school material.

Why – If it were second grade he would get “Left Behind”

As for President Clinton…
Seeing that the man read 8-10 books per week and is genius. I’m sure he has most likely already read whatever book you would choose to give him.

Final Note – You don’t have to be Republican to be a Christian.

Outside The Box

Aaron said...

Thanks for your comments OTB -
If you wouldn't mind though, please i.d. yourself...your name or blog or something. I allow "anonymous" comments only to encourage those who don't want to have to create a blogger account just to comment.

A couple of questions/comments for you now, since you're here:

1. To what "previous comment" were you referring as you left yours?
2. I'm sure any of us would eventually do the same, but I thought it odd that you were the first to take a "jab" at either president - in your case, Bush.
3. Reading 8-10 books per week is certainly impressive. I'd be interested (sincerely - not sarcastically) to know where you got that information. Whether it be accurate or not, I do sincerely (not sarcastically :o) doubt that he has read much Piper or Ferguson or anything that I might recommend.
4. No one has claimed that Christians cannot be Democrats.

Anonymous said...

This is Zach by the way....

You do have to laugh at that "Cat in the Hat" thing.....that is pretty funny there. You do have to admit that Bush doesn't "appear" to be the most intelligent man in the world!!.....of course neither am I :< (hince this stupid face thing I just made!!!)

Anyway, I really like Anita's comments on the conservatives agressiveness towards certain issues and "ignorance" (not meant in a bad way, just literally uneducated view) on others.

I never really thought about it from that light....and oh yeah....tree hugging can be a very pleasant experience ;D

My book recommendations....gosh I really don't know.
I would want to give Bush ANYTHING that might open his eyes to the Terroist driven genocide in Sudan. I really want us to do something on this issue and no one book in particular jumps out at me that would get that across.....anything come to your mind??