Puritan Praise

Sovereign Grace ministries is putting Puritan prayers to praise. If you've read any of the prayers in the classic "Valley of Vision", and you're familiar with any of the worship music that Sovereign Grace has put out, then you'll greatly anticipate this project as much as I. From their webpage, they say,

Someone might ask, "Why produce a CD inspired by the prayers of a bunch of dead guys?" That's an easy one. Puritans like John Bunyan, Thomas Watson, Richard Baxter, and Isaac Watts knew their hearts, their Bibles, and their God much better than we do. Many of them wrote down their prayers not to be published, but to assess their own spiritual growth and to encourage themselves in times of spiritual dryness. These prayers reveal a personal, humble, passionate relationship with an awesome God, a living Savior, and an active Spirit. Reading their meditations inspires us to pursue the same level of reality as we worship God.

The songs on Valley of Vision draw from these prayers at various levels and in various ways. Some use a few phrases from a specific prayer, others develop a particular idea, and a few try to capture the original flow of thought, using many of the original words.

You can listen to song samples at the Valley of Vision website, as well as watch a short video showing some of the production elements of the project.

Not familiar with the prayers in Valley of Vision? Buy the book. Or, read many of them online for free! Do you have a favorite prayer from V of V, or a favorite quote from the prayers? Leave a comment & share it.

Oh, and hey - there's a sale at Monergism!


jigawatt said...

I wonder what John Bunyan sounded like when he sang. For some reason, I just can't imagine him being a tenor.

pilgrim said...

I'm sure the Puritans may have wondered about some of the musical styles used--but it sounds good.

Thanks for the tip.

Aaron said...

good point pilgrim! I'm guessing they held to regulative principles for the most part?