Resources for Parenting

Earlier this fall, I compiled a list of online resources for parents. Many of the ministries below are linked in my sidebar, but the links below will take you to specific resource pages for parenting/family needs.

Hopefully you'll find helpful articles, sermons and books to help you fulfill your God-given responsibilities of parenting. My wife and I have benefitted greatly from many of the resources below.

As always, be discerning with anything linked below, I don't necessariliy endorse EVERYTHING in EVERY resource. Be a Berean.

*Childhood Conversion – Jim Eliff

10 Commandments of Parenting – S. Lance Quinn

Trusted Book Distributors:

Audubon Press (

Audubon Press (

Grace and Truth Books

Shepherd Press

Books on the Path

SDG Books (Puritan reprints; this page isn’t grouped by categories, so you’ll have to browse to find the parenting/family works)

Exodus Provisions

Other Helpful Sites:

Exodus Provisions’
Weblinks (includes Christian publishers, home schooling resources, etc.)

FamilyLife – Dennis Rainey

Revive Our Hearts – Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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