Voddie on Sexual Temptation

By now most have heard or read about the horrible Ted Haggard story (read Haggard's official statement to his church, also check out Gary's compilation of blog reports on this story).

My thoughts? Only this - Before any of us get up on our self-righteous high horse, I want to share some sobering words from Voddie Baucham. I heard this while listening to his series on love and marriage.

(BTW, that's Baucham in the photo, not Haggard)

This is my slight paraphrase, but you'll get the idea:

The wisest man in the Bible fell into sexual sin, the strongest man in the Bible fell to sexual sin, and the godliest man in the Bible fell to sexual sin.

For me to think I'm above falling into this sin is to think that I'm wiser than Solomon, stronger than Samson, and godlier than King David.

Now, I'm not using this quote to say that we should expect this kind of behavior from people, I'm just trying to say this.

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Be killing sin...