Know what that is...there on the right...the photo? Sure, it's a cup of Starbucks coffee - but not just ANY cup of Starbucks coffee.

What you are looking at, my friend, is something that has never before existed at any time in the entire history of God's created world... EVER.

The photo to the right is a photo of the very first cup (now empty, of course) of coffee that I have ever purchased for my own consumption... EVER! That's right, I'm 36 years old - practically an adult for crying out loud - and today I purchased and drank (with much delight) my first cup of coffee... EVER.

Now, I've tasted coffee before...and have bought many a cup for my coffee lovin' wife, but have only recently discovered a taste that I like, prompting me to buy my own.

Um...still couldn't easily tell you what it was...Latte'...Breve' something...with caramel and "whip" (that means whipcream).

Needless to say, I feel more grown up now...I finally feel like I fit in. It feels good. I just hope I don't turn in to this guy:

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tnfpb said...

ohhhhhh, shux....

should I be worried--you know--about Tuesday mornings now?

I have been getting the decaffeinated version of ya,huh?

Was it that cinnamon sample that seduced you?