New Blog Debue!

If you remember this:

Then perhaps you'll agree with me that a blog is the next best thing to having your own world of drawings (or, as SNL's Mike Meyers says, "drawerings").
So, without any further adue, I'm announcing a new blog: Aaron Job Draws. I've been intending on posting some of my son's drawings for a while, and I thought a seperate blog might be the best venue.
Now, for the record:
1. Yeah, yeah, I know - "Stand in line Aaron, with the millions of other parents who think their child is the next Van Gogh!" To this I say pleasantly..."Go get your own blog. They're free."
2. I don't think my son is an art prodigy.
3. I do think he has many interesting drawings and stories.
4. This is primarily for family, who actually give a rip about stuff like 6 year old drawings.
5. So a six year old has his own blog...big deal...at least I didn't get him his own cell phone.
6. To prove my point that this isn't a lost cause, I've put a counter on the blog. We'll just see how many are interested and actually return for more (and don't worry, I've set the counter to IGNORE visits from our home computer and my office computer - I play fair.)

Ok, to lure you over the the new blog, I'll tempt you with this full color front cover to Aaron Job's recent book, "The Haunted House". Click the image below for...the rest of the story...


The Haunted House

by Aaron Job


Anonymous said...

Hey, Van Gogh had to start somewhere too, ya know. :)

You never know where he'll go with his art, as he gets older and develops his skill. I think the drawerings look very good, actually.

And this coming from a mom with a son (17) who has developed into quite a remarkable artist.

Tell him to keep up the good work!

Aaron said...

Thanks for the encouragement Gayla! I'll pass it along to my son!