Pinewood Derby Cars - A Present Perspective (Pt. 2)

We're continuing with "part two of part two" of the Pinewood Derby Car Posts (Part 1 here, Part 2A here). Here's where we left off:
We've got a nice, smooth, aerodynamic shape. It's ready for paint.
I spent less than $5 on paint for the car - three cans of Wal-Mart spray paint (Green, White & Clear Coat) and a roll of masking tape for the stripe.
We began with several (several could mean more than a dozen!) coats of white, because Aaron Job wanted a white stripe down the center. You'll also notice a "dimple" in the hood of the car...I added that with a little sanding to give it a bit more character.

Next we applied a stripe of masking tape right down the center and began applying the green paint. Aaron Job wanted his to be green just like my first Pinewood Derby car - what a sweet boy! Again, we layered and layered the paint on - one thin coat at a time - this gave it a nice, smooth finish.

Once the final coat of green paint was applied and dried, we carefully removed the masking tape, and - voila!! White stripe! We then continued adding coats of paint - this time the clear coat, which gave it that "new car shine". It also helped hide any little flaws or nicks in the existing paint. Then, a few coats of car wax, a little furniture polish and...

...we're ready for the wheels. This was rather tricky - but I'll spare you the details.

She's ready to roll!

Ladies and Gents...introducing...

The Green Hornet!!


staceyhoff said...

wow! looks great, guys!:)

Anonymous said...

Wow nice car. Can't wait till my son gets old enough to do his first one. In the meantime, I'm working on right now (for a charity pinewood derby) for us graphic designers in Ohio

I'm keeping a picture diary of the progress. You can check it out here: