Survey Says...

How often do you read I Am Chief? Do you read via RSS feed or are you actually visiting the blog right now? What's your favorite topic on this blog?
I'm curious to find out this type of info from my readers. Would you indulge me and take about 45 seconds to answer 6 "survey" questions for me? Even if this is your first visit, I'd love to get your feedback. Your email or identity will not be requested nor tracked - it's totally anonymous!

Click here to begin the online survey.
**SORRY! The Survey is over!**

The survey will end on Saturday, March 10th.


Aaron said...

Only 9 of you out there? C'mon...it really takes only 45 seconds...if even that long.

Boy, this is really pride crushing...guess that's good for me.

pilgrim said...

Okay I took it...

In additon to White's book on Mormonism I am reading Bryan Chappell's "Praying Backwards" and a collection of Calvin's writings.