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I just posted this at our college ministry blog, and thought it might be helpful here at i am chief.

With a lot of help from my friend Gary, I present you with the following list of audio resources. If you know of any that we've missed, leave a link in the comments section. And, as always, use discernment with any of these links. I do not necessarily endorse everything at the links below.

1. Reforming My Mind blog is a great starter for MP3 downloads.
2. Adrian Warnock has a great list as well in his sidebar. (Also if you click the del.icio.us link, that will take you to his del.icio.us page that has lots more--it is organized too!)
3. Steve McCoy has
the list for Tim Keller (also he just did a "podcast he enjoys" post)
4. Download
Mark Dever's sermons or listen to some riveting interviews with guys like Piper, Ware, etc... at IX marks.
5. All of
Mark Driscolls sermons are available to download for free.
6. You can listen to any of
Phil Johnson's sermon's from his Sunday School class at Grace Community Church.
7. Al Mohler offers his
daily radio show , he also puts his Sunday morning Powerline series up for download. If you go to the home page you will see all of the aforementioned as .xml feeds.
8. You can listen to C.J. and the guys over at
Covenant Life.
9. Here's a compliation of many of D.A. Carson's sermons.
10. Sermon Index is a one-stop source for the good, the bad, and the heretical - so use discretion here.
11. Dear to my heart and especially for the ladies, Revive Our Hearts offers archived auido of many
past radio programs . Search by Keyword, Topic or Date.
12. Then there's One Place, where you can get most anybody's sermons. Go here to get John MacArthur's.
13. Monergism, a puritanical & reformed motherload of resources, has an audio page with around 700 different options.
14. Don't forget, you can hear almost every sermon preached at BCLR going years back! Click here to search by Date, Title, Reference or Speaker.
15. And click here for a pretty exhaustive list of podcast links (if you don't know what a podcast is, maybe you should unplug your Walkman and take a stroll through Best Buy or something).


tnfpb said...

Man did I forget a main stay.

jigawatt said...

Easier to download Grace to You audio:


Aaron said...

Thanks gents!

tnfpb said...

This is a good idea.