Christmas Memories 1973

Below is a series of pics from my 3rd Christmas as a human boy. Pardon me while I relive the moment...
[scratching chin & gazing contemplatively into nowhere ]
The year was 1973... this was the first Christmas that I had to share with a sibling, evidenced by the presence of a crib in several of the pictures.
Now, when I was 7, 8, 9 years old, I was known for getting up at unreasonable times Christmas morning & waking my parents so my sister & I could tear in to our loot. If this 3rd Christmas was like the later ones, it could've been anywhere around 4 or 5 AM when this picture was snapped.
What every parent longs for... why they charge up their credit cards each year...
to see the look on their child's face on Christmas morning.

The bunny doll was not mine - I REPEAT - the bunny doll was not mine.
Here's a good shot of my stash in '73. Santa wrote on the chalkboard desk "Merry Christmas Aaron! Ho! Ho! Ho!" Man, he writes just like my dad.  And that bunny doll... not mine.

These two trucks belonged to my dad when he was my age. Dad cleaned them up, did some touch up painting & passed them on to me. It's possible he did this because money was tight (there's not a whole lot more under the tree). Regardless, I think the idea was classic. I still have these and they've been decorating my office along with other vintage toys my past. Sadly, the ladder on the firetruck is long gone.
No idea what this is.  Not now.  Not then.

Yessss! My new Fisher Price Little People Schoolhouse!
I'm not sure what I'm opening that could've distracted me
from the Fisher Price Little People Schoolhouse.  Better be good.

Boo Yah! A chartreuse Tonka hydraulic dump truck!
Bugs Bunny puzzle! Bugs is always a hit.
I'm not sure if I'm reaching for my stocking, or I just wanted to feel the raised letters on that label made with a vintage DYMO label maker.  I know this much -
I wasn't reaching for the bunny doll, 'cause it wasn't mine.
Now dressed and in my right mind - even though I'm sporting more polyester
than my J
r. high band uniform -
I try out my new desk.
Merry Christmas.

Not my bunny.


tnfpb said...

Man, you mean Santa actually wrote you a note and you erased it. Sheesh.

Brian B said...

I am glad you cleared up that the bunny wasn't yours.

Santa often left us notes too. Should compare the handwriting?

Nice to meet you.

Brian A said...

Nice bunny doll. Is that yours?

Thanks for visiting Yesterville. I really enjoyed this post and I'm going to enjoy going through your blog, as well.

I'm a believer, too. NIce to see a blog so openly passionate about Christ and the Bible.

Aaron said...

Thanks for the comment Brian. I realized after I sent you an email that you were also a Christian.
Hopefully my passion for Christ shines brighter on this blog than my passion for toys & retro culture! :)

Jasmin said...

Had to chuckle when reading your comment "there's not a whole lot more under the tree".

Let's sum up the gifts of 1973:

chalkboard desk, Fisher Price Little People Schoolhouse, two trucks, unidentifiable object (a gift nevertheless :=), dump truck, Bugs Bunny puzzle

Only Americans could quantify this as not a whole lot.

May your christmas be merry - happy Jesus-Birthday! And an even merrier 2012 for your and your whole family!

With much love from across the ocean,

Aaron said...

You're exactly right Jasmin! We have too much!
Merry Christmas to you & your family - enjoy this special time with that new baby! Please send us pics!