My Favorite Book

"My Favorite Book" was a gift from Grant County Bank (GCB) in Sheridan, Arkansas received by every Sheridan Elementary Kindergarten student at Christmastime. Suprisingly, it's a precious little book teaching children about God's goodness and sovereignty over all creation and ends with the story of the birth of Jesus.

I'm not sure how long they carried out this tradition, but I received my book in 1976 and my wife received hers five years later. I'd be really suprised if they continue this today, not just because GCB is no longer in business, but because this is obviously so NON-PC. Just read this greeting from the bank president inserted with each of our books (click image on right).

The book was published by Good Will Publishers, who are still in business today publishing books and other gift items reflecting their Judeo-Christian values. You can read more about Good Will Publishers at their website.

The classic 70's artwork in this book is just great!

And now, here's My Favorite Book:


Unknown said...

I was given the same book around the third grade by an insurance company in my town. I too have wondered if that could happen today.

Anonymous said...

I can verify that it may still be happening because my nieces both received one during their first grade year from MNB Bank of Sheridan. That would have been about 4 years ago now though. Times they are a changing.