Religion VS. Gospel

Here are at least 10 differences between "religion" and the Gospel. Some of these are not original with me... probably more than less.

ONE:Religion: We obey & expect God's favor.
Gospel: We receive God's favor & therefore obey.

TWO:Religion: Man attempts to reach God by climbing his ladder of moral achievement.
Gospel: God reaches down to man plucking him out of his moral failure.

Religion: Our hope for Heaven rests in our own goodness.
Gospel: Our hope for Heaven rests in God's goodness demonstrated in the death of His Son.

FOUR:Religion: We are basically good people with a litt bit of bad in us.
Gospel: We are inherently bad people who (only by God's grace) are capable of some good.

FIVE:Religion: Our good works will out-weigh our sin
Gospel: Christ's perfect work in His life, death and resurrection covers the sin of those who believe.

SIX:Religion: God's love for me is conditioned on my behavior.
Gospel: God's love for me is conditioned on nothing, save the redemptive work of Christ.

SEVEN:Religion: Life's problems originate from outside of us and the solution lies within us.
Gospel: The problem is the sin which originates within us and the only solution lies outside of us - the alien righteousness of Jesus Christ.

EIGHT:Religion: Looks to oneself for significance, self-worth, accomplishment and achievement.
Gospel: Looks to the cross. Looks to Christ.

NINE:Religion: Jesus is a good man who's good life is our example.
Gospel: Jesus is the God-Man who's perfect life is our substitute.

TEN:Religion: Centered on man and what he can do for God.
Gospel: Centered on God and what He has done for man by giving His Son.

Are you trusting in your religion or in the Gospel?

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