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This blog has been on blogger life support for quite some time due to my involvement with my 20 year class reunion and website (and of course it's own blog). However I do plan on reviving this thing slowly. I have several things on my mind that I've been thinking about... little nuggets from what I've been reading and hearing in sermons. In fact, reading has been another past time that's almost gone by the wayside b/c of the reunion! But for now...


Right now I'm reading Worldliness(edited by CJ Mahaney) for a men's study - and it's really kicking my spiritual rear end! I'm also trying to read through David Wells' The Courage to Be Protestantwith a couple of other guys with whom I'm in leadership. For my non-thinking reading time, I've made it about a third of the way through Lone Survivor by Maruc Luttrell. He was the, um... lone survivor... of a Navy Seals team ambushed in Afghanistan.


Couple of quotes I've heard recently that have caused me to ponder. The first is from one of the founding members of the church I attend who recently went to be with the Lord. I believe this was a result from reading A.W. Tozer's book, The Pursit of God.

I want to be a man in whose hands the glory of God is safe.

This quote from "Worldliness" comes early in the book but is a good summary of why the book was written. C. J. Mahaney writes (emphasis mine),

We must fight worldliness because it dulls our affections for Christ
and distracts our attention from Christ
Worldliness is so serious because Christ is so glorious.


And one last random quote comes from my son. Sunday morning I was teaching his class about angels. I had just told them that one reason God created angels was so that they would be worshipers of Him. I then asked the class of 1st -3rd graders, "Who else did God create to be worshipers of Him?" Many of them correctly said "He created us."

Then Aaron Job commented, "But that didn't go so well."

Well said my son. Well said.

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Unknown said...

Let me know what you think about Lone Survivor. I have really wanted to read that. Just haven't had the time yet.

Stephen Harris